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Bulgarian Tourist Chamber

The Bulgarian Tourist Chamber (BTC) was founded in 1990 in Sofia and it is the first NGO in tourism. In 2010, the Chamber has been registered as a non-profit association in public benefit. Members of the Chamber are Bulgarian and foreign legal and physical persons, national and regional non-profit associations; individual members – trainers and experts in tourism.

The BTCH operates to the sustainable development of tourism, the preparation and implementation of international and national projects, the development of operational programmes under the structural funds of the EU. As a representative organization of employers in tourism, the BTCH signs framework agreements with the trade unions, initiates the adoption of up-to-date work force organization and management methods, participates in work groups and expert committees. The Chamber assists to the increased quality, diversity and specificity of the Bulgarian tourism product, which is underlain by providing well-trained personnel in tourism companies, vocational education and training of managerial and executive staff in the tourism industry. The BTCH organizes and participates in press conferences on hot tourism topics; it is present at tourism fairs and invests efforts in involving professionals in its activities; these, in spite boasting the organization’s image will ensure the high-quality performance in daily operations and project implementation.

BTCH’s major priorities:
Supports the development and promotion of tourism as a priority sector in Bulgaria. Contributes to achieving the objectives and implementation of the activities identified in national strategies for sustainable tourism development.
Represents and protects the public interest in tourism and the interests of its members before state, municipal and public international bodies and organizations.
Assists to the national, regional and local tourism development, to improve the quality of the tourism product, the competitiveness and efficiency of tourism activities and other businesses related to tourism.
Represents and protects the interests of employers in its capacity of a professional organization of employers in tourism, pursuant to Art. 36, para. 8 of the Labour Code.
Assists to the increased effectiveness of tourism management and improvement of vocational education and training of personnel in the tourism industry.

BTCH is an active member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and a representative organization of the employers in tourism in Bulgaria. The BTCH is registered as a professional organization under the Law on Tourism at the Ministry of Economy and Energy.

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